Travel Information

Travel Information

The capital city of the Czech Republic is often called the “Heart of Europe” for the central position it occupies both in terms of importance and geography. Looking at the map we can find that Prague is really a focal point, heart and centre of the continent. Thanks to its favourable geographical position, Prague is a suitable destination for conferences and congresses. The city can be reached from all European countries and cities very easily. Prague is accessible from two motorways – the D1 from the east (near the Austrian border) and the E50 from the west (near the German border). Prague is also accessible by train, bus or plane. The main railway station and the main coach station are right in the centre of the town. Nowadays the city of Prague plays an important role as one of the key traffic points in Europe, especially as a gate to access its eastern part.


Václav Havel Airport Prague airport handles flights of most European carriers and also some overseas flights. It is located 30-45 minutes by car from the centre of Prague. There is a good connection between the airport and city centre by public transport buses and taxis. Unfortunately there is no subway or train connection to the city from the airport. You should buy a ticket before travelling and these can be found at the arrival hall, at ticket machines or at the newsagents (if arriving late and all shops are closed buy a ticket from the driver but large banknotes are not accepted).

Transportation in Prague

Prague has a good public transport system, which includes 3 metro lines, trams and buses. Prague’s Metro system is quite new and efficient. During peak hours trains run every 1 or 2 minutes and off peak at least every 10 minutes. Passengers need a valid ticket to travel on the city public transport system. The ticket must be stamped as soon as you get on a bus or tram, or enter the transport area (in the case of a metro station). Tickets can be purchased in automatic machines at each metro station, at surface transport stops or at news stands.


24 CZK (valid for up to 30 minutes, transferable)
32 CZK (valid for up to 90 minutes, transferable)
1 day pass – 110 CZK
3 day pass – 310 CZK

Metro tickets can be purchased from automatic machines at each metro station or at news stands. Please note tickets need to be marked when you enter the metro/tram/bus for the first time. Only properly validated tickets are valid. Registered conference participants will receive a public transportation ticket free of charge for the duration of the conference.


The nearest metro station to the conference venue is "Národní třída" (yellow line B). In case you travel from other places and need to change the lines, you have to do it at "Florenc" (red line C) or "Můstek" (green line A).

Buses and trams

There are only trams going to the conference venue. You may use trams 2, 9, 18, 22 or 23, the stop is called "Národní třída".

For more information about Prague Public transport visit and find the connection .


Taxi companies operate 24/7.
In the city centre, taxis are easy to take from the street but we strongly recommend to use hotel taxis or to call a taxi by phone through the radio taxi service.

How to reach the conference venue

From the airport

  • By public transport
    Take a bus No. 119 from the airport and go to the terminal stop “Nádraží Veleslavín”, continue by metro (underground) to the station “Můstek” (in the direction “Depo Hostivař”) change the line A (green) to the line B (yellow) and continue to the stop “Národní třída” (in the direction “Zličín”).
    Or take a bus No. 100 to the terminal stop "Zličín", continue by metro to the station "Národní třída" (in the direction "Černý most").
    You will need a basic ticket for 32 CZK.
  • By Airport Express Bus (AE)
    The AE bus goes every half hour from Terminal 1 and 2. Get off at the stop “Hlavní nádraží”. A ticket for 60 CZK is available at the driver. Then continue by tram No. 9 (from "Bolzanova" Street) and go to the stop “Národní třída” (in the direction “Sídliště Řepy”). You will need a ticket for 24 CZK.
  • By taxi
    A taxi ride from the airport to the Národní třída can take approx. 20–30 minutes and can cost about 500 CZK ( ̴ 20 EUR).

From the main railway station Praha - Hlavní nádraží

  • By public transport
    Take a tram No. 9 and go to the stop "Národní třída" (National Street)
    You will need a basic ticket for 24 CZK.
  • By taxi
    A taxi ride can take approx. 20 minutes and can cost about 300 CZK ( ̴ 15 EUR).